Final week — Our aim was to finish off our filmic demonstration and our coding element for our design.

We have chosen to look at the way the water is pumped through our design as we already feel confident enough to create the coding for our lighting element.

We have aslo included the coding for our solar panel lights. This will be our element to meet the brief for an environmental sensor.

Coding element for Pump
Motor/pump Coding
Environmental Sensor Coding

The picture above shows how the pump would work in terms of our coding element. This has been shown through a motor in Tinkercad as we don’t have a pump to use in this application. However the pump and the motor act as the same in this instance. Also included is our solar sensor coding to show how our solar lights would be coded.

For our film we managed to create a plan with both of us living in different areas one in Edinburgh and one in Livingston we had to split up our work in this stage. Jody was able to travel to George Street and get some footage of the surroundings and I was able to animate our CAD model. With all our content we just need to piece it together and we will have our film to propose our design concept for our chosen area. We were able to use Zoom to piece together our film and also create a speech for this as well. This is reflected in our filmic demonstration. We treated the film as more of a sales pitch showing how the product will work and where it will be situated. We explain throughoout where our design has come from and why it is designed how it is.

In this final week we kept trying to improve our design and we debated changing differetn aspects however we felt that the justifications that we have already given for the design to be the way it is. We debated to change the metal poles to meet in the middle however this would take away the way the beacon light would operate as this would be blocking the light sources. This development has showed us that many considerations that we have thought over have all gone into our design process and these have all been justified throughout.

Jody and Craig script for film:

I am Craig Docherty

And I am Jody Stewart

We have designed an elegant public safe space that harnesses the weather, brightening the day and lightening the night — The Beacon

We have developed a design to impact the behaviour of the community to bring people together and create a safe and enjoyable landmark.

Edinburgh council has recently set out plans to completely redesign George Street, The heart of Scotlands capital city.

We have designed a new feature to crown this newly renovated high street.

This landmark has been created with the current surroundings at the forefront of our design process. Using materials to its native location, this feature will look modern and sleek however staying loyal to Scotlands cultural roots.

It was important to us to create a modern, contemporary feature to attract tourists and locals to this historic, popular location. However, we wanted to capture Scotlands heritage throughout.

The Unicorn has been at the heart of Scotland for centuries. An elegant strong creature with the ability to convert poisoned water into clean water.

The unicorn is well known through myths and legend for being a beautiful resilient creature bringing sanctuary and safety to those who come across it. This unites the two core functions of our design. One to create a beautiful landmark, staying true to Scotlands heritage

and the other to create a bright safe space by nightfall.

Our design “The Beacon” uses the weather to function. Converting rainfall into flowing water. Going through a filtration and pump system the water will be pumped through to keep our fountain flowing.

Also converting sunlight into night lighting using solar panelling keeps our design eco friendly and self sustaining.

Fountain by day

Safe space by night

This is

The Beacon

Brightening the day, Lighting the night.

Day time — Final Concept
Nightfall — Final concept
Day & Night