Final week — Our aim was to finish off our filmic demonstration and our coding element for our design.

We have chosen to look at the way the water is pumped through our design as we already feel confident enough to create the coding for our lighting element.

We have…

This week was very much for applying our fiinishing touches to our concept. We were able to work on our project together to prepare for our final hand in.

We worked on fusion 360 to create our final model and were able to render it in situ. From that model…

This week was all about development. Me and Jody worked on areas we thought would help us develop our ideas further. First we looked into both modern water fountains and the second area was our original Scottish culture.

Existing Modern Water Fountains

This week we were to consult with our newly formed pairs to start conceptualising for our new project brief.

As we began talking and thinking of areas to design for throughout Edinburgh there was one particular area that was interesting for both of us. This area was George Street in…

Project 2 kick off:

This week is the start of a new project and we have been introduced to a new software, Tinkercad. This software is a one of which we can build virtual Arduino’s which will help our understanding of how a physical Arduino would work.

My first task…

Hand in Week:

As this week is deadline week I wanted to refine what I had. I went back onto processing and with the skills I had learned previously I was able to adapt my coding to suit the function of my concept. …

This week I have been working on developing my concept for my final hand in. I have created an Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD model for then purpose of an advertisement board. I have had to consider colopours and materials through this process as this would be the theme of my advertisement. As this is a modern product I would like to keep that theme running as well as a technical aesthetic. This is because of the technology aspect to the product through coding.

Here are a few examples of the renders I was able to create through Autodesk Fusion 360:

This week I was first tasked with experimenting with audio on Processing. As learned in the tutorial I was able to add audio to my coding so that I could add a sound aspect to my designs. With this I was able to adapt my previous task and add some…

Craig docherty

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